Jonabot is an AI based version of me created in late 2023 and early 2024. It was created because my clients were increasingly asking me how to integrate Artificial Intelligence, and in particular Generative AI into their business and I wanted to make sure I had a first hand understanding of how it worked (in addition to all the analyst papers and learnings from my teams’ experience). Obviously, as a project to be completed in my spare time over the holidays, the result is not an amazingly insightful AI… but I still wanted to post it on the web and let people play with it!

Jonabot’s high level architecture is here:

If you’re interested in the full creation story, I created a set of blog posts at the time to describe the creation:

  • Post 1: An explanation of what I was doing and why GenerativeAI has become so important.
  • Post 2: A description of how I setup the environment and got Jonabot started with prompt engineering.
  • Post 3: My failed attempt to train Jonabot on my previous posts and tweets.
  • Post 4: Adding RAG for additional Context.
  • Post 5 (Coming Soon): Deeper dive on some of the technologies discovered along the way.

The code for the final application is here: